Coachella Valley Agricultural

With a 300-day growing season, abundant water, easy access to markets, and sophisticated conservation and farming techniques, the Coachella Valley is one of the world’s most productive agricultural areas. Every acre averages a gross annual value of $8,000. Cash crops, from dates to hay, bring local farmers more than $500 million in annual revenue […]

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10 Must-Play Public Golf Venues

Coachella Valley courses stand primed for high season



Emerging from one of the most lauded overseed seasons in recent memory, the desert’s wealth of premier golf courses is ready to roll for the high season.

“Palm Springs is the place to be in Southern California this time of year,” says Colin Gooch, head […]

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Kitchen Confidential: Trends to Look For in 2017

These designers expect to see more jewel tones, pleasing textures and colorful cabinetry in kitchens this year


Keeping up with kitchen trends isn’t quite like peeking over your neighbor’s fence, but it’s close. Flash in the pan or not, trends can give us cues for increasing a home’s […]

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Factors that can affect your homes Value in Palm Springs

Besides the obvious factors, there are some quirky elements that can affect your home’s value. Find out what they are.

Surprise! You might know more about real estate than you think. For example, you know that square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, lot size, and location determine home value: A 4,000-square-foot, five-bed, five-bath beachfront […]

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Home owners across the country love to debate whether their Zestimates are too high or too low. When it comes time to sell, the estimated market value calculated by Zillow can be the jumping off point for an interesting discussion between real estate agents and sellers.

Spencer Rascoff, CEO of the Seattle-based real estate media […]

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Drought Resistance Landscaping for Californians

Drought Friendly Landscaping and Ideas for Residents


Imagine buying 38 water cooler jugs, hauling them home, and then dumping them out one by one on your lawn. Now you have a picture of how much water the average California household used every day for landscaping in 2011.

As you’re probably aware, one of the biggest issues […]

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